Local Supply of Renewable Energy 2015

Working with Veitch Cooper to examine the technical, regulatory and commercial environment to assess the feasibility of supplying customers in a village with locally produced renewable energy.

Regulatory AdVICE FoR I-SEM 2016

Attending meetings on market development, responding to regulatory consultation and providing advice on the impact of regulatory decisions in the development of I-SEM for an independent Energy Supplier.

Business Plan and Advice on Establishing a Trading Business  2015

Providing detailed expert advice and assistance for an Energy Supplier in developing their plans to establish an Energy Trading business. This included assessing market opportunities and developing a costed business plan.

Competitor Case Study 2015

Provided a strategic, commercial and financial overview of a major UK district heating company, a potential competitor to a client in their assessment of entering the District Heating market.

Long-term Natural Gas Agreement 2005

Developed, negotiated and concluded an innovative 10-year Natural Gas Supply Agreement from a major European producer

Long-term Natural Gas Agreement 2012

Developed, negotiated and concluded a 10-year Natural Gas Supply Agreement from a major UK producer.

Acquisition of Upstream Gas Assets 2010

Led the commercial contract due diligence for a major acquisition of a portfolio of producing gas assets.

Energy Services Company (ESCo) 2013

Working with a Scottish Local Authority to define the scale and scope of an Energy Services Company to deliver renewable energy generation and energy savings projects in their city.

Acquisition of Gas Supply Business 2012

Led the commercial contract due diligence for the successful acquisition of a Gas Supply Business, supplying natural gas to customers in Ireland.

Review of Commercial Plans and Financial Model  2015

Review of a generation project developer’s plans and financial model for developing peaking plant.  This included a detailed review of the rules and costs associated with grid connection and market entry.

review of vertical integration strategies 2016

Provided a historical review of the vertical integration strategies of the 'Big 6' utilities in the UK for an International generation company and general advice on the operation of vertical integration in liberalised energy markets.

MArket Assessment 2015

A Veitch Cooper project, providing assessment of the market rules and commercial opportunities for Demand Side Management for a metering and network management equipment supplier.


Successfully submitted a Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) application for accreditation for a distillery using a biomass boiler and dealt with the ongoing dialogue with Ofgem to achieve accreditation.

Valuation of energy storage and demand side management 2016

Assisted an international consulting firm in developing the high-level scope and methodology for a model to determine the value of energy storage and demand-side measures in energy markets.

Financial Model for geothermal district heating scheme 2016

Developed a financial model to assess the costs, revenues and profitability of a community-led district heating scheme on behalf of a Scottish Local Authority.

Restructuring and Privatisation of Lietuvos Energija 2000

Provided expert advice to the Government of Lithuania, as part of a consortium implementing the restructuring and privatisation of Lietuvos Energija, the state electricity utility. Advice included proposals for the market structure and trading arrangements, including drafting market rules, and financial modelling of the proposed new companies.

NEA Dispute 2001

Provided commercial expertise and advice to British Energy in support of their dispute with their counterparties over the impact of the New Electricity Trading Arrangements on the Nuclear Energy Agreement.

Preparation OF GENERATORS for Introduction of NETA 2001

Provided advice on strategy, risk governance and operational readiness, including sourcing appropriate IT and communication systems, for two of independent power stations preparing to operate under the New Electricity Trading Arrangements.

Gas Storage Project Disposal 2005

Led the legal and commercial team responsible for drafting and concluding a long-term Gas Storage Services Agreement as part of a £96m asset sale of a gas storage development project to a major European utility.

PPA Dispute 2002

Provided commercial expertise and advice to a chemical producer in support of their dispute with a generator over the impact of the New Electricity Trading Arrangements on their PPA.

Long-term Natural Gas Agreement 2011

Developed, negotiated and concluded an innovative 10-year Natural Gas Supply Agreement from a major European producer.

Exploration and Production JVA 2010

Developed, negotiated and concluded a Joint Venture Agreement with an independent E&P company for a major utility. This agreement included a £17m equity purchase in the E&P business.

Coal Supply Agreement and Loan 2009

Developed, negotiated and concluded a five-year Coal Supply Agreement for a generation plant from an indigenous coal producer. This agreement included a development loan backed by a lien on one of the producer’s assets.

Project Experience

With 22 years of experience in the UK and European energy industry, I have led many major energy projects and advised on numerous others. Outline details of these are provided below.

Acquisition of Generation Assets 2012

Led the commercial contract due diligence for the successful acquisition of existing generation plant and a CCGT development project in Ireland.

Expert Opinion on ROC Claim 2015

Researched and provided a report for a multi-national client on the treatment of generation at an incineration plant with respect to its accreditation under the Renewables Order.

Airtricity Trading 2007

Working as Airtricity Trading Manager, responsible for recruiting, developing and managing a Front Office team to deliver value and hedge Airtricity’s market exposures in the Irish and British electricity markets. In addition to developing operating and governance procedures to deal with the new All-Ireland market arrangements, introduced in November 2011, this role involved the procurement, configuration and commissioning of an Energy Trading Risk Management IT system for the business.

Carbon Capture and Storage 2012

Led the development of proposed commercial contract arrangements for a bid for funding from DECC to support a CCS project.